Central Oregon Log Homes

Picture living in your own log home: Your own little piece of wilderness, made of quality hand-paneled logs, each notch cut by hand, nestled in the paradise of a forest. Relaxing before a roaring fire, nature walks whenever you feel like it, peace and quiet in the heart of our beautiful state. You can see it now, can't you? You can almost smell the rain on the trees.

Central Oregon Log Homes offers all that and much, much more with their award-winning log homes designs. Whether you're looking for a new home or a home away from home, Central Oregon Log Homes is your source for superior hand crafted log home construction and log cabin kits in the Pacific Northwest. 

As a professional log home builder, owner and operator Kevin West's livelihood is based on helping customers fulfill their dreams of creating the best quality log homes and cabins in Oregon. Central Oregon Log Homes boasts log shells, log accents, start to finish "turn-key" home construction, and much more. 

Kevin has been building log homes in Oregon since 1987. A licensed and bonded general contractor, he prides himself on giving personal attention to his customers to ensure the quality and value of their homes - whether by working as your contractor or in collaboration with another contractor. When it comes to log home builders in Oregon, Kevin is a one-man one-stop shop. 

Kevin also offers log cabin kits delivered to your sight and reassembled on your foundation.

You've dreamed of your own log home in Oregon. Let Central Oregon Log Homes make that dream a reality. 


Call Kevin West for your new Oregon Log Home:

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